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Established in December 2012, Jurists Without Chains (JWC) is an independent non- governmental organization that aims to promote respect for human rights and the rule of law in Libya, focusing mainly on women's rights.
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Championing Change in Legal Frameworks
Advocating for Legal Reforms and Transparency

Through research and advocacy, we push for reforms that promote fairness and transparency in the judicial process. Our efforts aim to create a more just society where the rule of law prevails

Access to Justice for All
Legal Aid Clinics for the Underserved

We provide pro bono legal services to marginalized groups, ensuring everyone has a fair chance in the legal system. Our dedicated lawyers and volunteers work tirelessly to uphold the rule of law for those in need

Bringing Justice to Every Corner
Empowering Communities Through Legal Education

Our initiative offers free legal workshops, equipping citizens with the knowledge to protect their rights and navigate the legal system effectively. Join us in building a community rooted in justice and equality

Awareness Raising

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Several innovative and scalable solutions in concurrence with the policies

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Legal Support

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About JWC

Helping is Great Virtue for Every Human’s

Jurists without chains works in the field of women' s rights and also for changing the stereotypes about women and raising the awareness about women' s rights and finding mechanisms of protection of women' s programs,setting quota for women in the elections,and to ensure fair representation of women in constituently Authorities and to ensure an active political participation of women

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Empowering Women
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Empowering Her Rights: A Women's Legal Empowerment Project

Our project begins with comprehensive legal education workshops tailored specifically for women. These workshops cover fundamental rights, legal procedures, and available resources in an accessible and empowering manner

In addition to education, our project establishes legal aid clinics staffed by pro bono lawyers and trained volunteers. These clinics provide personalized legal assistance to women facing various legal issues, such as domestic violence, property rights, and discrimination

Beyond direct services, our project engages in advocacy and awareness campaigns to promote systemic change and societal awareness of women's legal rights. Through media campaigns, community events, and partnerships with local stakeholders, we aim to challenge stereotypes, influence policy reforms, and foster a culture that values gender equality and justice

We provide free legal consultations and representation to those in need, ensuring they have access to justice

We organize networking events connecting women with local leaders and influencers, creating a supportive community that fosters empowerment

We offer comprehensive legal awareness workshops that educate women about their rights and the legal avenues available for protection

We conduct regular assessments and audits of legal institutions to ensure they uphold women's rights and comply with established legal standards

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Awareness Raising

Despite facing significant financial constraints, this organization continues


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